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Bonefish Grill - New Kinda Love - 60" radio

client: Bonefish Grill
composer/lyricist/music producer: Michael Carey
vocalist: WIndy Wagner
executive producer: Maureen O'Boyle Feldman
Create a branded music/sound image for Bonefish Grill appealing to an upscale casual dining/drinks clientele. The typical, hard-sell "radio-retail" sound was to be avoided at all costs. Instead a smooth, seductive "lifestyle" sound was the objective.

Elements of the campaign included...

• A "sound logo" mnemonic at the top of the spot that would remain consistent through all future broadcast and web work (the fishing line cast/whisper/splash). When listener hears this sound they know it's Bonefish Grill.

• Music direction: An upscale, contemporary sound with a hint of sexiness. Target demographic age range was early 30s through late 50s.

• Lyrically the focus was to create a sense of sensual indulgence, a decadent romantic treat to be enjoyed anytime. Product-wise, the client wished to convey specifics about particular menu items, diner-customizable fish/dipping sauce options, etc., but without resorting to unromantic, hard-sell voiceover copy.

A 60 second sexy, breezy pop song (as un-jingle-y as possible) focusing on the delightful feeling of being "seduced" by a new and indulgent experience. By making the first line of the chorus lyric "A NEW KINDA LOVE" and responding afterward with the more subtle background vocals delivering the brand name "BONEFISH GRILL" we were able to achieve the desired balance; making it feel like a genuine song, focused on emotion and feeling, while still retaining the essential element of brand identification.

To deal with the specifics of particular menu items (usually the job of a mood-killing voiceover/announcer) Michael Carey wrote a rhythmic, semi-spoken-word lyric that allowed the singer to name and describe typically un-singable food items in a clever, sexy and musical manner, preserving the vibe of the song, while presenting a litany of tempting offerings in the process.